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is a one of a kind program that provides busy moms with a step-by-step system for losing weight and ditching the diet, for good. We help moms feel better, gain confidence, and have more energy to keep up with the busy little ones.

The Habit Foundation Retails for $297.00

And you get $148.50


Group Program Retail $497 - You get $199

Elite Program Retail $997 - You get $248.50

Don’t feel confident about “selling”. Don’t worry, there is nothing salesy about becoming an affiliate. You will earn commissions simply for sharing something you’re passionate about, and we will make it easy for you!


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*One-on-one strategic support calls when you need it most

*Access to a sample of The Habit Foundation program



You might be wondering, “Do I need a big audience or mailing list?” Not at all. You just need enthusiasm and a belief that you want moms to live their best lives.


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